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Cavitation, lipolysis Belgrade

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New from us!
Rejuvenation and contouring of the face using the latest generation of Juvederm fillers and botox - Vistabella.

Dermal fillers
Substances with the aesthetic corrective procedures are injected under the skin in order to effectively restore skin volume, remove the signs of aging and successfully rehydrated skin tissue.

Rejuvenation and facial contouring
The effects of the treatment are visible immediately, but patients immediately after treatment can return to their daily activities.

By entering different substances such as vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, achieve more intense hydration and nutrition of the skin, which significantly slows down the aging process.

Permanent hair removal

Examination by a specialist dermatologist who conducted the treatment and assessed: skin type, degree of hairiness, general health (the existence of family, hormonal and other factors that enhance hair growth), the use of some drugs that contribute to the enhancement of hair growth or increase the skin's sensitivity to light energy, the existence of active viral disease (herpes), previous epilation methods and their effectiveness. Generally each person can resort to this method, laser epilation, and after examining dermatologists and skin tests prior to the assessment of response of the skin and the level of discomfort.

There is not even an age limit, but epilation, in principle, is not applied if under 16 years, not because of "security" reasons, but because of the continuity of the results achieved. In this period are still present significant hormonal fluctuations and can not be guaranteed complete success. They can not treat people who have to pre 6-12 months Roacutan used to treat acne, or are used by some so-called. fotosenzibilišući lek (some antibiotics) that enhances the skin's sensitivity to light.

If there is an active infectious process in the skin, the treatment is going to his rehabilitation, and if there is a change on the skin even remotely suspicious (malignant) nature, it should not be treated. Before applying the laser, the treated area should be clean, bright and shaved.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid sunbathing and any other form of toning the skin and waxing or tweezers, 4-5 weeks prior to treatment. Depending on the density of hair and the area being treated, the procedure varies from person to person. Required to use protective eyewear for both doctor and patient.

Laser probe "fires" a laser beam, but also cools the skin, preventing the occurrence of pain. Most patients feel discomfort that is easy. discomfort or burning sensation, but no pain, although it is an individual, and accordingly in the more sensitive and the person can use a local anesthetic cream prior to treatment.

Both legs are epilating an average of 1.5 hours, intimate inguinal region in 15 minutes, 5-10 minutes to the armpit, beard and earring for 5 minutes, back 30-40 minutes ... Permanent hair removal does not disturb the daily routine, however, immediately after treatment may continue with normal business obligations. After the treatment may appear slight redness around the hair root, which passes within a few minutes to a few hours, but can be "masked" by using corrective make-up, and sometimes it may be reduced using a "cold packaging."

The next 4 weeks is necessary to avoid the sun or otherwise use Sun Block ie. SPF 30. After 7-10 days of treatment you will have the impression of re-growth of hair on Treated place, but do not worry, because it is a rejection of the destroyed root of a hair, not a re-emergence. They themselves spontaneously fall out in rougher frottage or peeling.

Hairs grow in cycles. The first phase (the so-called. Anagen) is the phase of active hair growth, in the second (katagenoj) halts hair growth, and in the third (telogen) to rejection ie. falling hair.
The application of the laser is effective only during active growth ie hair. In the first stage, but it causes a break between treatments. These breaks are necessary in order to achieve the best possible results.
Cumulative number of treatments depends on skin type, hair color and coarseness, and their density in the treated region. It usually takes 4 - 7 serial treatment with these breaks (at least: 4 - 8 weeks).

Yes, completely, because it works extremely focused, precise, short and in a word, controlled. It does not cause skin diseases and associated glands.
With us take the first step towards your youthful appearance!


ESTETSKI STUDIO VELVET EFEKT Cavitation, lipolysis Beograd
ESTETSKI STUDIO VELVET EFEKT Cavitation, lipolysis Beograd
ESTETSKI STUDIO VELVET EFEKT Cavitation, lipolysis Beograd