Chocolate Belgrade

Address: 79 Kralja Petra st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/2626-347, (fax) 011/2510-394

4/ 5stars

San Marina. Chocolate that doesn't wait for a special occasion. It creates one.
San Marina. Imagine. The finest Belgian chocolate, secrets hidden in long tradition and fantasy. Freshness of home made design. Flavors that inspire you with their specialty.
Chocolate in touch with nuts, marzipan, ananas, blackberry, kokos, strawberry, maybe cinnamon, vanilla, chili, pepper, honey, saffron, candied fruit, amaretto liqueur, coffee, caramel, cherry. Skillful hands, in game with carefully chosen ingredients and emotions create San Marina pralines. You can choose only one, or more. Box, ribbon, smile and the magic begins.
San Marina are pralines of finest quality. They can become your perfect business attribute. The possibilities are great. From the card with your logo or message, the sign of your company on the praline or box, to your own unique design of their package. For all moments you want to make special.