Coffee Belgrade

Address: 16 Dimitrija Tucovica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 064/117-0444

4/ 5stars

The small boutique of coffee is located in the center of Zvezdara at 16 Dimitrija Tucovica street near Zira hotel and is intended for all lovers of coffee and warm beverages such as tea, warm chocolate and the like. Due to time limitation and the many obligation of modern people, most don't have the time to enjoy their favorite beverages. But you shouldn't give up on this pleasure and now with our takeaway coffee yu don't have to. Enjoy fresh and delicious coffee on your way to work or university or simply while walking.

We have the best prices as low as 50rsd, and also offer freshly ground coffee for sale for 75rsd. If you happen to come to Zvezdara, we are near the bus and trolley stops so waiting for your ride doesn't have to be stressfull, but rather filled with the delicious flavors of coffee.

Pleasant and smiling salespeople are here for you every day from 9AM - 7PM.

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