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About us

Cubes ltd. is a company inspired to create innovative and creative solutions that open the doors to success to our clients. The company was founded in 2015. By including numerous services in our domain, Cubes ltd. offers its clients the ability to get full IT support in one place as well as all conditions needed to automate its business practices. Our business is divided into multiple domains: web application development, mobile application development, developing and implementing business solutions, web design and marketing.

Over years of work we have developed our own solutions that we implement in the national and international IT market. Our clients include companies of various sizes and in various domains of business both in our country and abroad. In order to achieve the best possible results, we place our products in international market and we have worked hard for the past years, achieving great results. We have worked hard, studied and learned and gained valuable experience in our line of work.

Of all the results that we achieved, our proudest achievement is our team of employees and our loyal and responsible colleagues. We grew every year and created new teams.

This is why we started our newest and largest and at the same time most enjoyable project so far: CUBES IT SCHOOL.

Cubes IT school

The founders of Cubes IT school have over 50 years of combined experience in software development. They met each other over the course of their studies in the Military Academy, information and IT sector, and after having successful individual careers for years in companies in Serbia and Europe, they decided to start their own company in Belgrade - Cubes ltd.

Due to accelerated development, the need arose for new programmers who would work on Cubes projects. The Cubes team soon realized how challenging it was to find high quality staff. The IT domain was on the rise in Serbia and there was a lot of demand for quality programmers. Through various interviews, we came to realize that the knowledge that people attain through regular education in our field isn't streamlined enough towards skills required to work on realistic projects. On the other hand, the quality of informal IT education in Serbia had been sorely lacking, with candidates coming from those types of schools without even the bare minimum of knowledge and experience to work junior positions. These were the main reasons why Cubes decided to start its own IT center for programmer education under the name Cubes School.

Miodrag Lapcevic, CEO of Cubes and Cubes IT School-a, Aleksandar Stanojevic, CTO, Aleksandar Dimic, team leader for web development and hosting Marko Dragonjic,  team lead for mobile development have attained their immense experience both in their studies and from working for a long line of years in national and international company and they pass it on to all the students and employees at Cubes IT school.

Education concept

Understanding the problems and demands of the IT market, the founders of Cubes IT school have come up with a concept of training based on training programmers who are fully able to work on junior positions from various domains. This principle of education was divided into two phases: six months of Cubes IT school education where the candidates learn about technology and then for the applicants who achieved the satisfactory levels, further education is done through practice within the Cubes company's volunteering center.

In order to provide high quality education, all applicants must pass an entrance exam in logics and English before they enlist in the course.

Who are our educators?

Our educators are programmers who are employed at the Cubes company, which is what sets our Cubes school apart from others. It demands everyday engagement and consulting with every candidate in order to motivate the students to continue working throughout the course. On the other hand, everyday work that our educators do on various projects for big clients provides the knowledge and experience that they can pass on to their students. This concept of training provides the students with the ability to attain knowledge and skills that they can really use during their IT career, instead of learning a ton of theory that they will never use.

Who are our applicants?

Our goal is to train applicants who have real potential to work in programming someday. In other words, people with natural talent towards programming skills. Therefore, our main focus is on quality candidates and not over-production of low-quality workforce. Being a programmer isn't simple work, it demands a lot of effort and time investment, great motivation and of course love for the work.

Candidate selection is based on the entrance exams which consist of: logic test, English test and motivational test. We also individually interview every applicant through a conversation with our lecturer about the domain they selected.

Our courses

At Cubes IT school education takes place through 10 courses that cover all the aspects of software development and follow the current demands of the IT market.

These courses are:

Web application development
- Web programming 1 - PHP, MySQL, Laravel Framework
- Web programming 2 - C#, .NET, MS SQL
- Java programming 
- Front-End Programming 1 - HTML, CSS, Java Script, Angular
- Front-End Programming 2 - HTML, CSS, Java Script, React

Mobile application development
- iOS programming 
- Android programming 

Software testing
- QA tester and QA Engineer 

Additional courses
- Web and graphic design 
- Digital marketing 


Today, after 3 years of work, Cubes IT School has over 300 trained programmers and over 80% of them are employed in IT companies in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis.

300 students
80% current employees
60 awarded scholarships
240 self-financing students

240 applicants in software development
60 applicants in digital marketing and web design


Cubes IT school works every year to elevate the quality of our courses even higher and educate new workforce for the current needs of IT market in Serbia.

In year 2019 Cubes IT school also started online education in order to allow all interested candidates around Serbia to pass our training and courses at Cubes IT center.

Our main goal in years 2019-2020 will be to start a massive volunteer center that will provide practical experience for all our course attendees and any external candidates who don't have practical experience.


"How badly do you really want to be a programmer?"

This is our slogan and it's with this slogan that we would like to show off why we are different compared to everyone else, which is the genuine desire and will to allow everyone with the affinity and desire to do this kind of work to work in their field through our own efforts and work with every applicant.

More on Cubes IT school and our courses at our website


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