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Address: Prahovacka nn, 22310 Simanovci
Belgrade Phone: 022/2150-100
Fax: 022/2150-101

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Founded in 1980, ISOMAT company is one of the leading companies in construction chemistry and plaster production in Southeastern Europe region.

ISOMAT’s assortment consists of over 250 products for various applications in construction which can be divided into the following 6 categories:

1. Hydro-isolation materials
2. Additives for concrete and plaster
3. Glues and grout
4. Repairing materials
5. Dyes and plaster
6. Flooring

Each year we add to our assortment new products developed at the Research and Development Department in accordance with the technological development and high requirements of modern construction.

All our products are constantly undergoing detail and pedantic control checks, done by our Quality Control Department in order to secure the constant and high quality of our products both during production and afterward.

In addition to the above, our company also offers integrated technical solutions in order to give our clients the full service. Therefore we also employ highly qualified and experienced engineers who provide technical assistance to all interested parties, both professionals and individuals. Our tech support department can be contacted free of charge on this number: 0800 102 103.

At the moment ISOMAT has six branches, four of which deal in trade (in Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovenia) while the remaining two in Serbia and Romania also deal in production. Additionally, the company has a trade joint company in Spain.

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