Consulting, auditing Belgrade

Address: 74 Boulevard despota Stefana
Belgrade Phone: 011/329-3083, (fax) 011/329-3873
E-mail: ajilonsolutions@open.telekom.rs

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The company for tax advising, financial management, accountancy and revisions AJILON SOLUTIONS, in Belgrade, Bulevar Despota Stefana 74, was registered to offer a row of services in the field of accountancy and revisions, such as: - Development of Financial and Tax "Due diligence" - Revision of financial reports - Accountancy work for international and domestic clients - Tax guidance for international and domestic clients - Payroll service for international and domestic clients. The company does the mentioned work according to the highest expert capabilities and at the highest level of professional services, according to the Accountancy law (Sluzbeni list SRJ, no. 46/2006) and with the full appliance of the International Accountancy Standards and International Revision Standards. The company has a expert, highly educated and professional team. Contact phones: 063 337 407-General Manager 011/3293083 011/3293873 e-mail: ajilonsolutions@open.telekom.rs