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Nowadays when there is a great need for personalization and the desire to be different from others, tuning is practically an inevitable topic when it comes to exotic, sports or luxurious cars of famous world brands.

The Botta Automotive company and its specialized tuning branche Botta Tuning has worked in this market for over a decade and we can proudly state that we are one of the leaders in this field in our region.

Whether you're interested only in aerodynamic addons or a more serious type of tuning that also includes mechanical modification, we are here to help you with selection and implementation.

In addition to import and sales of famous tuning brands with whom we've worked since 2005, we also implement the tuning parts using a turnkey system.

In other words, not only do we obtain the required tuning component, but we advise our clients on the optimal solution and then offer installing and dyeing (if necessary). All that the client needs to do is come and pick up their vehicle.

Not only this, but Botta Tuning also offers its clients all other kinds of metal and paint work even a complete restoration of certain sports or luxurious vehicles.

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