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Address: 51b Radnicka st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 065/3573-000, 011/3573-000, 011/3553-000,

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WITH EVERY PURCHASE OF ORIGINAL ELF OIL, and the original oil filter, you get a free OIL REPLACEMENT

Our shop in Radnicka st. is highly specialized for brand MAZDA and TOYOTA vehicles.

Our shop in Partizanska st. is highly specialized for brand Mazda and Toyota vehicles.

"Voja Japanac" is your vendor for MAZDA and TOYOTA spare car parts and we've been in business since 2007.

We offer parts made by renown European manufacturers. In our buisness we maintain the balance between price and quality of the parts we offer for MAZDA and TOYOTA vehicles.

For car servics we have special benefits:
* Goods shipped to the desired address
* Affordable payment terms
* The possibility of ordering spare parts

Management and suspension for Mazda and Toyota Cars:
- Trap group
- The ball, the end and continuing ties, stabilizer
- Trap group, suspension
- Shock Absorbers

Brakes for Mazda and Toyota Cars
- Tiles, pads, discs, brake cylinders, brake hoses
- Brake Cylinders

Electronics, injection systems for Mazda and Toyota Cars:
- Indicators, bobbins, switches, junction caps
- Thermostats and indicators
- Spark plugs, clutch sets, ablenderi, ignition
- spark plugs and heaters

Groups and light mirrors for Mazda and Toyota Cars:
- Bulbs
- Headlights
- Turning signal lights
- Stop lights
- Fog lights
- Mirrors

Parts of engines and transmissions for Mazda and Toyota Cars:
- Bearings, belt, gear sets, water pumps
- Filters
- Timing belt
- Timing belt
- Water pumps

Other parts in our offer:
- Engine mounts, silent blocks, pulley
- Bearings
- Self-tuning and regular cords
- Oils
- Seals
- Water pumps
- Wiper blades, mats, hubcaps, blower blades and other maintenance products and cosmetics for your car