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Address: 24 Paunova st., Banjica
Belgrade Phone: 011/3670-326, 063/8233-413

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Natmar jewerly - NATMAR JEWELRY

Natmar jewelry is one of the few brands that is making its merged , and Arts and customer needs, and abilities that each individual piece carries .

The manner of functioning , and the idea of the brand , saying the facts for themselves ! The entire sales studio working on the idea of Natasha Marinkvic artists from Belgrade, which is the brand , work , design , packaging, logo designed by herself ...

Everything about the brand of jewelry and jewelry line NATMAR , is designed and author 's work !

The entire jewelry that is made is made in just one piece , so it is completely authentic and unique.

Jewelry is made of stainless , anti alergik components , silver components , metal components , swarovski components , precious and semi-precious stones , amber , wood , pearls , silk , shells , mother of pearl , Murano glass and other natural materials .

In this studio and retail outlet , you can find Each components for jewelry , beads , tools , threads , nylon , in a word, everything that is necessary for making jewelry ..

In this area also do repairs and jewelry , all of which can be realized ..
The curiosity , the ability to order jewelry for a problem, illness or zodiac sign ...

Within the studio NATMAR , work and school jewelry , which is organized by the agreement , and held on Saturday afternoon ..

Guarantee uniqueness, quality and uniqueness of jewelry Natmar , is Natasha Marinkovic , who has had a 10 solo exhibitions , three fashion shows , two pieces of jewelry , as well as a number of biennials and group exhibitions ... numerous awards for both her art and for work on arranging , window ...

With the atmosphere of the pleasant , good advice , certainly if you get into jewelry NATMAR , you will be able to find something for themselves and rejoice, their loved ones , which definitely makes us happy ..

Jewelry NATMAR is the TPC BANJICA , ext 233 , Floor 2 , ul . 24 peacocks ..

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Trolebus 40 , 41
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