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Bim-Bam misical workshop for babies is designed so that children as young as 6 months old can have quality musical stimulation that turns into education as the child grows. Early music stimulation is precious in the development of every baby and very beneficial to their formative years. Special emphasis is placed on the fine motor skill development, speech adoption and creating neuron connections in the brain of the child.

Early music stimulation is always done with the parents' presence or persons who usually spend time with the child because the goal is also to improve the awareness of adults about the importance of proper musical development. Also our workshops are the ideal place where parents can exchange experiences with others and one of the first places for active socialization of the youngest even before they start the preschool or kindergarten.

Through our musical workshop Bim Bam the little ones meet even greater challenges. In addition to working on devleoping their rhythm, great attention is also aimed to developing their musicality, coordination, graphomotorics and active listening. Babies and children are able to actively play the instruments of Orph instrumentarium and piano. The workshop also utilizes NTC musical program ( where we work from the youngest age we work on sociative and functional learning. The workshop is led by our graduated musical children's therapist and NLP master Mariana Milosevic Simic, author and realizor of accredited seminars in the area of musical culture and Multimedia music workshops.

We are located within the HR Center ( in Resavska street number 48/12. The lessons take place on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5:30PM to 6:30PM. We would like to ask you to call before your first visit with us on the following number: