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Leros ltd. is a direct importer of “Duni” programs – the European leader in producing exclusive equipment for celebrations as well as Pal International, the leasing company in the domain of kitchen hygiene equipment following the HACCP standards.

In our product program you will find all kinds of napkins 24x24,30x30,33x33,40x40,48x48 – single, double, triple, quadruple ply, decorative napkins in rolls as well as special, exclusive napkins available only at Duni.

Table covers – plush and self-adhering as well as ribbons in various dimensions and patterns. Table cloths and other elements can be combined with each other in same color and pattern. We offer lace coasters, eating utensil holders, bottleneck ties, chef hats, hygienic gloves, disinfectants, a special catering packaging program and accompanying equipment.

If you’d like to decorate your space, we recommend our decorative candles and accompanying elements. The LEROS company also offers a special program of catering packaging and machines.


Single, double, triple and quadruple ply napkins
Dunilin (high quality napkins that feel like fabrics)
Napkin dimensions: 24x24 33x33 40x40 48x48

Napkins in various colors, patterns and quality.


Decorative candles, square shaped candles, cylinder shaped candles in various shapes and dimensions, candles in a glass.

Table cloths
Table cloths in different colors and patterns
Dunicel (high quality rolls that feels like cotton)
Dunisilk (water-resistant material in gold and silver color)
Essential in the following dimensions:
1.2m x 10m, 25m, 40m.

Teta a teta – Dunicel table ribbons

Table ribbons that can be set vertically or horizontally to decorate your tables in a special way.
Dimensions:  0.15m x 20m, 0.4m x 4.8m, 0.4m x 24m
Various colors and patterns

Table skirts

Table skirts, self-adhering in six colors
Dimensions 0.72m x 4m

Table covers

Table covers Dunicel 84cm x 84cm, 125cm x 160cm, Ø180 i Ø240
Table covers Dunisilk  (water-resistant material) 84cm x 84cm, 138cm x 220 (in gold and silver color)

PVC packaging

PVC glasses in 0.5l, 0.2l, 0.15l, 0.1l, 0.08l
Plastic containers (takeaway food)
Plastic eating utensils (forks, spoons, knives)
Decorative finger food packaging

Party program

Party streamers, party napkins (with various applications)
Paper plates (white and in color)
Cardboard glasses (with various applications)
Straws (decorative and bending for frappes)


Paper coasters – with lace or without, round between Ø10 – Ø40
Square lace coasters between 20x30 and 35x45
Nine and eight layer coasters
Dunicel 30x40cm

Eating utensil holders

Duniletto 40cm x 48cm
Duniletto slim 40cm x 33cm
Sacchetto 8.7cm x 20cm (with two-layer napkin)
Airlaid Sacchetto 11.5cm x 23cm (with Airlad napkin)

PAL program

Pal program includes hygiene equipment for hospitality:
Chef hats (single use – paper, reusable – linen), hygiene hats, protective aprons, protective footwear covers, protective suits, protective masks for single use, gloves (latex, vinyl, polyethylene, household), disinfection, everything for hospitality