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Useful information

Pizza Belvedere is located in the Patriarch Joanikija street at number 33, in the settlement Vidikovac, on the territory of Cukarica. After long-term cooperation of over 15 years our fast food restaurant offers you the opportunity to enjoy excellent dishes of our cuisine. With the desire to enrich your senses with superb scents and tastes, food preparation in our fast food we allowed our experienced chefs.

Since the modern pace of life requires the individual to increasingly be absent from home and therefore unable to devote themselves to preparing food, we wanted to meet your needs and enable you to enjoy the excellent cuisine fast food.

From the wide range of Belvedere fast food are:


- Cheese in a bun
- Cheese, ham in a bun
- Mini calzone (folded pizza)
- Mini pizza
- Mini pizza Wurstel
- Panzerotto
- Sandwich (Optional)
- Vegetable Sandwich
- Hot dogs


- Margarita
- 4 formaggi
- 4 stagioni
- Belvedere
- Calzone
- Ka
- Fungi
- Mistica
- Tonno
- Vesuvio
- Capricciosa
- Quattro Stagioni
- Quattro Formaggi
- Moto
- Greece
- kulen
- Marinara
- Sudzuk
- Wurstel


- Sweet pancakes
- Cute pizza (banana)
- Cute pizza (apple)

- Bun with ham
- Bun Optional


cold drinks

- Various types of soft drinks

We deliver food to the territory of Cukarica and Rakovica. The requirement minimum 32cm pizza.

Delivery map can be viewed HERE

The largest selection of pizzas, pancakes, sandwiches, omelettes, hot dog's, as well as hot and cold drinks at very affordable prices in the city.

Fast food is of excellent quality.

In an attempt to keep pace with the times we offer you hospitality on our website. We wish to thank you for all the trust you have given us.

Pizza Belvedere Lookout, Belgrade.