Delivery Belgrade

Address: 2r Pancevacki put, Krnjaca
Belgrade Phone: 011/2710-401, 063/7747-791
E-mail: officekonoba@gmail.com
Website: www.konobakodgoceirenata.co.rs

4.5/ 5stars

TAVERN IN AND RENATA GOCE is one of the rare fish restaurant in Belgrade, which lies on the banks of the Danube.
While spending the weekend in his cottage next to the river, and his brothers, Renato fishermen (commonly known as the Danube Penguins) hunted fish. Throws up fresh fish on the disc harrow and collected Fellowship river lovers and fish. That was true ten years ago, as time went on the unfinished part of the coast turned into a paradise on earth. Battle was cooking fish and Renato was hunting. There was not enough room, at first, for all the fans Gocin kitchen and homey atmosphere. So, over time, that place turned into a real picnic for both adults and for children who were entertained by the little park by the Danube.

We would not be wrong if we classify this restaurant in a row of tourist attractions such TAVERN certainly is. Its attractiveness is based on the combination of rustic and sofosticiranosti, on-site, always fresh fish as well as the ability to feel other than a complete gastronomic atmosphere that can provide you with just staying near the river.

But like a real host, rather we would like to forward all this navaden, provides you and invite you to join us.