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Address: 56 Cara Nikolaja II st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/344-1152, 062/772-714
Website: www.talimatvracar.rs

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Talimat barbecue boasts a tradition of over 100 years long! In 1912, Trajko Mihajlovic, known to his friends as Talimat, opened the Kosovo tavern in Vranjska banja.

At the start of World War I, in addition to the tavern he also opened a bucher's shop and the national kitchen. Trajko was famous around Serbia for being married to Natalia, whom he'd brought from Hungaria and who was an excellent expert in meat and meat products.

Together, they developed their family meat recipe that they later passed over to their son. After WWII in Vranje, Trajko's son Sava Mihajlovic, also known as Talimat, continued the tradition. According to the legend, Sava was given the family recipe by his mother in Hungarian, the language only he could speak out of all their children, so that the golden formula would be protected.

Sava Talimat was known in Vranjska carsija for eating 100 cevaps every single day, prepared in his own recipe. Without altering that recipe, Sava's son Slobodan Mihajlovic, known as Boban Talimat, took over the family business in Vranje in the 70s. Even though he wasn't the oldest son, the family business was given to him because he was the most skilled barbecue master. Up until 2004. the family business was passed over from father to son. However, as Boban Talimat only had daughters, he passed on the family recipe to his sons in law who prepare barbecue following it and in the same location as their father in law.