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Address: 4 Gaudijeva st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3165-145, 2646-958, 3166-173, 065/264-69-58

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The founder of “Stojanovic” Implant Center is Prim. Dr. Branislav Stojanovic, the founder of modern implantology in Serbia. He obtained the title of Primarius in 2009 based on the huge amount of work he did in the area of implantology which contributed immensely to the development of modern implantology in Serbia and beyond.

Prim. Dr. Stojanovic has worked in dentistry since 1981 and in 1992 he founded the Center for prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry in Belgrade. Since 2013 this center became the Implantology Center “Stojanovic” which is located at number 4 Ghandi street, only a couple of minutes away from the center of the city.

At the Implant Center “Stojanovic” we can perform the most complex procedures in implantology and implant prosthetics just like in any high profile world center:

-          Implants with suprastructure

-          Mini implants (that support full braces)

-          Tuber-pterigoid implants

-          Sinus lifting

-          Oral surgery

#  Tooth extraction
#  Complicated tooth extraction
#  Wisdom teeth extraction
#  Abscess incision with therapy
#  Apicoectomy
#  Gingivectomy
#  Cystectomy
#  Recestion of frenulum

  • Periodontal surgery
  • Dental prosthetics
  • Non-metal ceramics
  • Aesthetic dentistry

The procedures displayed at the portal and our Center’s website are only some of the patients who have been treated at the Center over the years. With many expertly handled procedures we proved the quality of implant technique in practice and the large security over years of monitoring.

What we consider very important in implantology is well conducted diagnostics and evaluation of the procedure’s duration which requires a large amount of expertise and experience.

Dr. Stojanovic’s team is organized to provide maximum attention to every patient individually as well as highest quality services by following trends of development of contemporary implantology. The priority of the work is to save the patient’s natural teeth for as long as possible and when needed to be supported with implants. The Dr. Stojanovic team takes care of their patients and their needs and offers the best expert advice and treatment.

Over the course of the intervention patients are provided with free accommodation in our fully equipped apartments located in the implantology center Stojanovic. The patients who need it may request free transpiration from the airport to the apartments.

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