Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 1 Braće Baruh st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/2189-681, 063/8479-925

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Specialist Dental Practice HAPPYDENT located in downtown Belgrade. Thanks to the expert team who has for the past two decades been dealing in all areas of dentistry. All dental services in our office are done by the most modern methods and materials. In order to better preserve the health of your mouth and teeth, we offer free checkups and consultations. Services to you: 1) PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY 2) Children's dentistry - Fissure sealing - Treatment of diseased teeth - Fluorisation of teeth - Education of proper teeth brushing 3) Restorative dentistry - Amalgam filling - Composite fillings - Ceramic inlays 4) ENDODONTICS 5) DENTAL PROSTHETICS - Fixed charge (metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, metal-free ceramic) - Total, partial dentures and Vizil 6) Cosmetic Dentistry - Teeth whitening 7) ORTHODONTICS - Fixed Therapy - Mobile Therapy 8) ORAL SURGERY - Extraction of teeth - Surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth - apicoectomy Allow your employees to pay services in 12 monthly installments.