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Phone: +381 61 688 26 39 (for Serbia and all other countries), +387 62 466 056 (just for Bosnia and Hertzegovina), +382 68 462 939 (just for Montenegro)


“Bubice Team” in Belgrade works in selling, renting and servicing devices for wireless communication like ‘bugs’ for passing exams.

In our rich offer we can present to you the smallest and highest quality wireless bugs. When compared to older models, the new bugs are immeasurably better in every regard such s sound quality, dimensions and price to quality ratio.  

In our assortment we have a large number of different models of wireless bugs with all the accompanying equipment that goes along with them.

Bugs are small electronic devices primarily used for certain types of discreet communication and are the best means for covert communication. They are also used for business meetings, presentations, various security operation and when driving.

On the other hand, wireless exam bugs are used mostly by students when taking exams and assessment tests.

In addition to selling and renting these bugs we also sell cameras for exams and provide full servicing for our devices.

Our business is based on trust and recommendation so our product quality is guaranteed to be up to the highest standards.

The company “Bubice Team” is proud to say that we have gained a huge number of satisfied clients who are happy to recommend us for selling and renting bugs.