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Detox center Belgrade

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Useful information

Beauty salon STIL has existed for 25 years. Since our foundation we have worked exclusively with the top quality products from Italian cosmetic house RVB, respecting all latest trends and achievements in cosmetics and dermatology. The owner of the salon is Dr. Verica Mileusnic, a specialist dermatovenerologist so every client can at any time get an expert examination for any skin problem. Highly educated cosmeticians who also have higher medical school education also perform all our cosmetic treatments.

From our large selection of services we would first like to highlight the special ones done exclusively by our dermatologist:

Filling wrinkles using hyaluronic acid and using the highest quality fillers with stabilized, crosslinked hyaluronic acid in the form of gel which is made through a special procedure. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin and plays a vital role in its regeneration and hydration, as well as preserving tonus and elasticity. Unfortunately it lessens as time goes by and the depleted reserves need refilling. This is why healthy and youthful skin is restored upon hyaluronic acid treatment. It is used to fill in medium and prominent wrinkles, enlarging lips volume and filling deep drepressions in the skin such as scars. The treatment has effects which last from 12 to 18 months.

Mesotherapy also involves applying various coctails via needle. This procedure fills in finer lines in the neck, face, chest and hand areas, skin is hydrated and its tonus and elasticity improved, achieving revitalization. Most commonly hyaluronic acid coctails are used in combination with vitamins and minerals, amino-acids and caffeine for cellulite. Usually the treatments are done twice a year, in three linked treatments lasting from two to three weeks.

Chemical peel using glycolic and TCA acids of varying concentrations, depending on the type and condition of the skin, its needs and tolerance levels. They are very efficient in treating acnosnic skin because they regulate the production of sebume in order to bleach out all kinds of hyperpigmentations and lessen superficial skars, reduce pores and smaller wrinkles and stimulate fibroblast. The treatments are done individually or in series, depending on the client's needs, of all skin types from I to VI.

Permanent hair removal - epilation using an aparatus which utilizes two kinds of electricity (so called blend system) - diametric and galvanic with primary electrolysis with additional heat energy. For this reason there are no marks or scars upon the completed procedure. The treatment has to be repeated three to four times, one month apart each time because of the hair growth specific cycle.

Permanent removal of warts, ceratose and capillaries using electrocauter is very comfortable because only one treatment is neaded to rid the client of these unattractive skin changes. This method removes the finer web of capillaries in the face, neck and chest and the warts from all over the body.

Dermoscopic examination of beauty marks - dermoscopy is a completely non-invasive method which allows for extremely precise differentiation between benign and malign changes

Special treatments using growth factor products which are key elements in skin regeneration and anti-aging by activating keratonicites in the epidermis and then stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermis. These treatments protect and preserve vitality of stem cells located in epidermis base which are able to divide and then re-specialize into different kinds of cells thus regenerating whichever type of tissue they belong to.

From our other services, we will mention:

► All kinds of facial treatments and problematic, acnosic, couperouse and damaged skin treatments.

► Face and body hair removal

► All kinds of body massages, done by professional masseuse (relax, therapy, pregnancy, shiatsu)

► Colouring eyebrows and eyelashes

Taking into consideration the conditions we live in, we've adjusted our prices to make them affordable for almost anyone.

Visit us and we will, in our pleasant surrounding and with quality and professional service, improve the condition of your skin, eliminate your tension and stress and make you feel relaxed, rested and cared for. 


BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd
BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd
BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd
BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd
BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd
BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd
BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd
BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd
BEAUTY CENTAR STIL Detox center Beograd