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Disinfection! - A number of different measures and procedures that apply to different objects or areas cleared of noxious and harmful microorganisms.

Disinfestation! - A set of mechanical, physical, biological and chemical measures and actions to be taken in order to control or reduce populations of insects that transmit infectious diseases, cause allergic reactions, toxic effects and have caused enormous damage to the goods that are stored.

Pest Control! - A set of mechanical and chemical measures and procedures aimed at combating and permanently eliminate rodents from a certain area.

Fumigation! - Fumigation is the use of gas plant control pest populations (insects and rodents).

Chemical control of weeds! - Unwanted plants, weeds, and ragweed is suppressed by selective or total herbicides.

NASSR! - Pest control using HACCP aims to eliminate insects and rodents as potential contaminants of food, while avoiding intervention chemicals and favors preventive measures and environmentally friendly.