Dog kennel, boarding for dogs Belgrade

Address: 25a 4. nova st., Surcin
Belgrade Phone: 063/226-301

4.5/ 5stars

Dog kennel "OD PERPERA" was registered in 1997 at International Federation Cynologique (FCI) under number 3673 and is located in Surcin, 20 kilometers from the city center in a beautiful and peaceful surrounding. We deal with the education of molosser breed dogs, primarily Brazilian Fila (FILA BRASILEIRO) and South African mastiff-Burbula (Boerboel). All dogs that have served and who serve as the basis for at development of the kennel were imported from their native countries from reputable kennels known in the world. The stress of the kennel on the careful choosing a combination of authentic bloodlines.
Our goal is breeding healthy, correct, authentic dogs. THis is the reason why our kennel does not have puppies for sale throughout the year, so we recommend that in agrement with us you reserve on time. As far as these two races are concerned, they are the ultimate guardians, dogs extraordinary courage who are very loyal to owner and family. These are healthy, smart and stable dogs that are strict selection brought to perfection when it comes to storing household and property.

We are an ideal place for your dog during the holidays and other commitments that require your absence. Your dogs have a wonderful ambience, complete comfort, first class care, experienced staff, regular veterinary supervision, and more.
Dogs during their stay at our house situated at comfortable covered boxes made of clay bricks, with electric lighting, plumbing undertaken with connections at each box and a system to drain water and otpednih matter. Homes with thermaly insulated walls, floor and roof, made of natural wood at form of lightweight. Come and see the quality of our services.
Board and kennel "OD PERPERA" 4 Nova No.25, 11271 Surcin Contact: Sasha Milanovic tel. +381 (0) 64 613-29-64 E-mail:,