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Domestic cuisine Belgrade

Useful information

The Leader national restaurant is located in Ustaicka street in Konjarnik.

In our restaurant pleasant ambiance and with the traditional recipes of our expert chefs you can orgnaize smaller celebrations for up to 50 guests (capacity in the hall and in the terrace there are 40 seats)

Lider is ideal both for daytime visits and coffee with friends as well as enjoying a delicious lunch or dinner.

We'd like to recommend the following recipes:

Chicken specialties
Chicken leg 800gr
Smoked chicken leg 800gr
Stuffed chicken leg 900gr
Chicken fillet 800gr
Gourmet chiken kebab 800gr
Stuffed chicken fillet 1200gr
Smoked chicken fillet 800gr
Chicken rolls 850gr
Breaded chicken fillet with sesame 800gr
Chicken liver 800gr
Rolled chicken liver 840gr

White hanger 800gr
Stuffed white hanger 1000gr
Smoked hanger 800gr
Pork kebab 800gr
Patty 800gr
Cream patty 850 gr
Cevap 1200gr
Leskovac fritters 850gr
Smoked Neck 800gr
Pork fillet 900gr

Barbecue specialties
Stuffed rolled hanger 1200gr
Imperial kebab 1200gr
Zlatibor kebab 800gr
Stuffed patty 1200gr
Stuffed rolled cevap 450gr
National smoked sausage 800gr
Cream ribs 850gr
Mixed meats 1500gr
Saber 1200gr

Order made meals
Karadjordje steak 850gr
Chicken Karadjordje steak 850gr
Weiner Schnitzel 800gr
Chicken weiner schnitzel 800gr
Breaded hicken rolls 900gr
Blue ribbon Gordon Blu 1200rsd
Beef roasted under the rock 450gr
Leskovac mix 400 gr
Steak Monte Karlo 600gr
Beef mignons 900gr

Fish specialties
Trout fillet 700gr
Smoked catfish 800gr
Roasted squid 500gr
Stuffed roasted squid 550gr
Breaded squid 500gr
Tuna fillet 450gr

Working hours:
Workdays and Saturdays: 9AM - 11PM
Sundays 10AM - 11PM



LIDER - RESTORAN DOMAĆE KUHINJE Domestic cuisine Beograd
LIDER - RESTORAN DOMAĆE KUHINJE Domestic cuisine Beograd
LIDER - RESTORAN DOMAĆE KUHINJE Domestic cuisine Beograd