Domestic cuisine Belgrade

Address: 21 Porucnika Spasica i Masere st., Zarkovo
Belgrade Phone: 011/2381-381

4.5/ 5stars

Do you want to get away from urban everyday life?
You want to relax in a quiet part of town and without enjoying the good food and drink?

Visit Restaurant MAVIJAN in Zarkovo.

In the restaurant MAVIJAN a pleasant atmosphere awaits, friendly staff and the various specialties of local cuisine: grilled meat, veal, fish dishes to order, various salads and desserts.
Fed up, smiling and satisfied customers are the best recommendation for a restaurant MAVIJAN. Escape from the city crowds, come on Zarkovo to check the epithets that decorate the restaurant MAVIJAN. Be a full, happy and with a smile departed from us. Bon Appetite...