Fishing industry Belgrade

Address: 6 Koste Glavinica st., Senjak // 1 Mirijevski venac st., Mirijevo
Belgrade Phone: 011/369-20-89, 063/728-44-34

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Dear neighbors, welcome to the Fish Market - Papa!
Many years of experience in the business sets us apart from other shops in our industry.

In our fish markets, you will find the fish of the highest quality with controlled origin, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, the blue Adriatic Sea, all the way to our rivers and lakes.

From the assortment we live, fresh, frozen fish, smoked, processed, soup ...
Highlights and grilled fish, prepared in a traditional manner with charcoal. We service preparation, cleaning fish in small and large quantities.

Therefore respected neighbors join the big family of regular customers that are supplied to us for years and see the ultimate and unconditional quality of goods and services is getting better every year!


Koste Glavinića 6 (market-Senjak), Centar
011/369-20-89, 063/728-44-34
Mirijevski range 1 (Turning 46-ice), Centar
011/3423-463, 066/930-50-73, 064/112-75-35