Fishing industry Belgrade

Address: 9L Romanijska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2190-309

4/ 5stars

Our fishery "Somce" is located at 9L Romanijska street in Zemun. Here all lovers of freshwater and saltwater fish and seafood can enjoy our wide selection of these products.

We want to bring to everyone the delicious taste of the seas and rivers and let them enjoy fresh and tasty fish, so we also prepare all the fish on our barbecue.

We offer:
- All kinds of frozen saltwater fish and seafood
- Fresh trout on ice
- Live catfish, carp and tostolbik
- smoked carp

Our barbecue section offers:
- Trout and mackerel
- Delicious smelt, carp, catfish, hake
- Hake, catfish, carp and tostolobik filet
- Fish stew to go
- Potato salads, bean salad, greens salad
- Various side-dishes

Every day our culinary masters prepare the best and freshest fried and roasted fish.