Food Belgrade

Address: 33 Petra Martinovica st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 060/433-0012
E-mail: ducan.hrana@gmail.com

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Let's get to know each other.

We are a food market for locally produced food and from us you can buy products that are made on small farms, agri-cooperatives or family manufactures.

Natural, traditional, without preservatives and additives - HEALTHY!

All our products that we use as a material for our sandwiches can be bought in our shop local food, which is located at 33 Petra Martinovica street Ban's hill, near the stadium of Cukaricki FC.

Material for our sandwiches comes from the delicatessen program made in the traditional way. Delicatessen from pork, beef and horse meat.

Here you can buy all the products made from goat's milk.

In addition to this we also have a wide selection of cheeses, home-made food for winter, homemade honey, brandy, wine, organic spices, flour mills, pasta without gluten, homemade sweets and cakes, meals, piecrust and cheese pie ... and much more.

Visit us to grow together in the healthiest way because health is priceless! Getting back to nature!
Fat SANDWICHES  Roll price - Somun price
Sandwich No. 1
(Fat, salt, cayenne pepper) 80din 110din
Sandwich br. 2
(Cream cheese, ham, egg, tomato) 165din 210din
sandwich No. 3
(Cream cheese, lean sirloin, cheese, chutney) 175din 225din
Sandwich no. 4
(Sour-spicy, dry roast, cheese,
tomato) 175din 225din
Sandwich no. 5
(Young cream, ham, egg, tomato) 185din 235din
sandwich No.6
(Sour cream, sausage / horse sausage, egg, cheese,
pepper spread) 190din 240din
Sandwich no. 7
(Young cream, beef ham, pepper spread) 195din 250din
Fasting sandwich 160din 200din
Sandwich no. 8
(Tuna pate with sesame, lettuce,
tomato) 195 din 250din
Sandwich no. 9
(Paté with nuts and olives, lettuce, tomato)

Bodri yogurt cup 180g 3.2% mm 25din
Bodri 0.5l yoghurt 0.1% fat 60din
Capris 0.5l goat yoghurt 2.8% fat 100din

Strudel poppy (fasting) 60din
Cherry strudel (fasting) 60din
Walnut strudel (fasting) 70din