Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 25 Branicevska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/3835-247, 011/2439-009, 064/1426-162

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Linguistico center for foreign languages.

Linguistico is a foreign language school  located in Vracar that offers ITALIAN, GERMAN, SPANISH AND FRENCH LESSONS

We offer the following courses:
- Adult courses
- Children's courses
- Teen courses
- Medical workers
- Entrance exam in Italian language
- Language preparation for basic and master studies abroad
- Individual and semi-individual lessons
- Conversation lessons with guest native speakers from abroad.

The courses take place according to the Common European Framework which is the accredited foreign language learning program in the EU. Our teaching method is based on communication. Our students actively practice the basic linguistic functions. Special attention is given to conversation so that the students can learn to express themselves in the language they are learning from the start of the course. Of course this method does not exclude learning grammar as well, as it is very important in the process of language learning. It tries to offer the proper balance of grammar and communication when adopting a new language.

Our lecturers are graduated language professors, experts with years of experience in their fields who continue to attend specialized courses in various areas of metodics and teaching skills both at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and renown university and cultural centers around Europe.

Linguistico foreign language school lets you learn about historic social and cultural specificity of various countries and regions through learning their language.

We offer three basic types of courses:

Adult courses
Duration of courses: 3 Months
Lesson funds: 26 double lessons
Lesson duration: 90 minutes
Terms: 2 or 3 times per week

Language courses for teenagers:
Course duration: two semesters
Lesson fund: 32 + 40 lessons
Lesson duration 60 minutes
Terms: twice per week
Age: 13-15 years old
16-18 years old.

Children's language courses
Course duration: two semester
Lesson fund: 32 + 40 lessons
Lesson duration: twice per week
Age: 7-9 years old
10-12 years old

Preparations for entrance exams
Preparations for entrance exams in Italian for enlisting in the bilingual class of the III Belgrade High-School. Simulation of entrance exam tests from previous years for the purpose of better preparation and security in certain materials for future highschoolers.

Think of it in time!

Language courses for medical workers
Interest for hiring doctors in Germany continues to soar and there's also a demand for medical technicians and nurses. In addition to professional documentation from the interested candidates they are also required to have a certfied diploma for their language skills. Wanting to respond to the specific needs of all our candidates we organize intensive courses of German for medical workers with a special preparation for passign the Goethe exam - the internationally recognized certificate.

With us learnign is an investment.

Individual and semi-individual lessons
For those interested who due to their obligations are unable to adjust to our usual timetable for standard courses, or they prefer not to work in a group we also offer:
- Individual lessons
- Semi-individual lessons for two participants.

The lessons take place at our school and last 90 minutes with flexible terms.