Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 23 Studentska st., 4th flat, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/2699-618, 061/6309-314
E-mail: office@englishhouse.rs
Website: www.englishhouse.rs

4.5/ 5stars

The English House comprises a team of experienced and dedicated teachers whose goal is for all the students to adopt a functional knowledge of the foreign language in a simple, efficient and fun way. Our standards are on par with global standards and the knowledge levels are achieved and tested in accordance with the Common European Framework for all languages. One of our fundamenals is the high quality education and adjusting to our students' needs.

Working in small groups (from 3 to 5 members) ensures the lecturer's maximum dedication to each student and every student's active participation in class activities. All segments of the language are included (reading, listening, speech and writing) and conversation is done strictly in the foreign language which leads to its inevitable assimilation. In our lessons we use textbooks by famous publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Heinemann Macmillan along with their included audio-visual materials, computers and additional accessories.


At our center we offer the following courses:

- Courses for the youngest (children up to 5)
- Courses for school children
- Genera English courses for adults

  • * Elementary I i II
  • * Pre-intermediate I i II
  • * Intermediate I i II
  • * Upper-intermediate I i II
  • * Advanced I i II
  • * Proficiency I i II

- Specialized English courses

* law

* economy/business English

* administration (secretary cours)

* medicine (for doctors and nurses)

* tourism

* hotel managment

* construction

* IT

* mechanical engineering

* electronics

* sports (for football players and a general course for athletes)

* police

* military

* agriculture

- Preparation for international certificates

  • * FCE
  • * CAE
  • * CPE
  • * TOEFL
  • * IELTS

- Courses for companies
- Individual lessons

In addition to language courses we offer a Creative Art Workshoop for children aged from 5 to 10.