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Today, knowledge of foreign languages is an integral part of every segment of our lives, whether it is a job search, personal development and communication with others. Learning is a long process, but it is definitely worth the invested time, effort and money. Our team consists of young professors who were educated in Serbia, and studied abroad. The teachers are always there to help you to easier and more fun way to learn the language.

In the center of Eurolingua you are always welcome, it is a place where people who love their jobs work and who are ready and willing to transfer their knowledge to you.

The Center offers coursesfor adults, teens and children in the following languages:

- English
- Spanish
- Italian
- German
- French
- Russian
- Turkish
- Serbian for foreigners

In our center you can opt for one of the courses we offer:
Programs and levels are adjusted to the EUROPEAN STANDARDS
(Common European Framework of Reference, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 2001.)

Start - A1 and A2,
Intermediate - B1 and B2
Senior - C1 and C2

STANDARD - lasts two semesters, one semester is three and a half months long, all of it divided into 32 lessons. It is held twice a week for two academic hours (90 minutes).

INTENSIVE - Classes are held three to five times per week in accordance with the needs of students.

WEEKEND - For those who do not have time during the week to devote to language learning courses we have prepared, whose classes are held on weekends. Last four school hours or three hours.

Conversational - For those who already have language skills and want to improve speaking skill. It lasts two months. It is held twice a week for 60 minutes.

BASIC COMMUNICATION COURSE - The course is for those who want to learn the language enough to be able to agree and manage in a foreign country. Based solely on communication and setting up the environment in which you can find on your journey.

TEEN COURSE - The course lasts a year or two semesters of three and a half months, twice a week, classes of 60 minutes.

COURSE FOR CHILDREN - We get together twice a week for 45 minutes with preschoolers and children in lower grades and 60 minutes with students of higher grades. Parents will be allowed to cover the activities that were carried out in the classroom through the material to be distributed to children.

COURSES ACCOMPANYING curriculum - If you need help with coping with the school curriculum we offer a course that will monitor your work in class. We meet throughout the school year, twice a week.

In addition to standard courses, we also offer special courses:

Preparation for the DELE EXAM - The abbreviation means DELE Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language. It is intended for those who are not native speakers of Spanish and is the only internationally recognized diploma.

Issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Spain.

PREPARATIONS for exams at the Faculty and SECONDARY SCHOOLS

Preparation for the examination at the faculty

You are able to sign up for INDVIDUALNI course if you want the program to be tailored exclusively for your time, level and pace of work. The duration and frequency depends on the participants.

In teaching teachers put emphasis on communication, because they are aware that this is the biggest problem you encountered when learning a foreign language. The paper used textbooks renowned foreign publishers with audio material. Language is alive and constantly changing, and our teachers follow the paper adapting their lectures and current trends.

Groups are small, from 3 to 8 students, which allows the professor to devote sufficient time to each student. Our goal is that the language you speak up and be confident in their knowledge.

In addition to the language you learn about the culture and customs of the people whose language choose. Your success is our success. Together we will strive to reach the desired goal.

All students who are absolute beginners at the entry to the work input test that determines their level of knowledge. Testing is done at school and it's free. Based on test results and consultation with the student who attends the group that determines the most appropriate for him.

Admission is organized throughout the year, and begins with the formation of teaching groups.


5% discount for registration through our website
5% discount for you and the person who comes by your recommendation
10% discount for payment of the entire course
10% for graders
10% for the second student from same family
10% discount for each student if you form your own group (minimum three)
15% discount on courses to 15h