Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 88 Sevastokratora Branka st., Batajnica
Belgrade Phone: 011/8480-365, 062/23-86-83

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Language Studio has existed for over 20 years. As every year, our students are provided with high-quality English courses, exciting extracurricular activities, as well as many other surprises. Feel free to visit our premises and test your knowledge of English, or other foreign languages, free of charge, and join one of the existing or newly-formed groups. Find out why we are considered to be the best language school in the area.
The following courses are ongoing:
•      Playschool - for children aged 4 - 6 years
•      courses for all primary school grades
•      young adults group 1 - Upper-intermediate course (B2)  
•      young adults group 2 - preparation for the FCE exam
•      young adults group 3 - Advanced course (C1)
•      adults - pre-intermediate course (A2)
•      English - Elementary course for adults
To be formed:
•      English - Intermediate course (B1) for adults
•      English – Upper-Intermediate course (B2) for adults
•      German - Elementary course for adults
Special offer applies to Pre-school, 1st and 2nd grade of Primary school
In addition, as every year, we are organising summer English courses in Great Britain. Follow the news on our website, or contact us and find out which educational centre we have chosen this year.