Funeral services Belgrade
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Our job is not easy, but it is very humane. People come to us in their hardest moments and we do our best to help them in their grief and allow them to see off their loved ones with dignity.

In moments of great grief and sorrow, every person wants to be near their family and loved ones. We allow them to do so because we take on all the responsibilities instead of them.

Our line of work carries a lot of responsibility and we do our best to take it seriously and perform it with professionalism and dedication.

We are there for you 24h every single day.

We will arrive to your address in the shortest possible time and take over all and any responsibilities there are surrounding the deceased.

We offer complete undertaking services, funeral organization and gathering documentation. There is also a great selection of funeral equipment as well as the ability to transport the deceased in our country and abroad at best prices.

Contact us and let us help you.

You can also visit our sales space where you can look at our catalogue offer and see that we are always professional and willing to talk, help and cooperate.

Our offices are located inside STANKOM mall on Banovo hill at 6 Stevana Brakusa street on the first floor.

There you will be greeted by our professional and kind company director Mr. Milorad Dejanovic and his associate Biljana Markovic.

We are there whenever you need us!

Our main qualities are our service quality, professionalism, kindness and of course affordable prices!

We can offer you the following:
- We come to your call in the shortest possible time, to your home or the hospital.
- We take over the deceased
- We offer a great selection of undertaking equipment and accompanying content (catalogue)
- We regulate complete documentation and administrative procedures (death certificates, obituaries, going to the PIO fund...)
- Arranging the funeral
- Transporting the deceased in the country and abroad





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Through an administrative ban / installment