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 “La Casa Mia” can be found at 13 Glavna street in Zemun and offers a broad assortment of products to furnish your home. Arranging your living space in a practical yet attractive way can sometimes be a very challenging affair, while other times the smallest detail is enough to tie it all together. “La Casa mia” and our excellent selection of high quality products will make it easier for you to furnish your living space.

In addition, “La Casa Mia” offers a huge selection of unique presents to delight your family members, friends, loved ones or children. With the desire to help you arrange your living area in accordance with your wishes, we offer you a big selection of high quality products in one place.

We’d like to highlight the following in our product assortment:
- Furniture (footstools, dressers, mirrors, shelves)
- Kitchen assets
- Pictures
- Curtains
- Gifts
- Decorative boxes (for jewelry and cosmetics)
- Hand-made glasses
- Lamps
- Clocks
- Picture frames
- Candleholders
- Candles
- Jewelry boxes and other trinkets
- Vase
- Picture albums
- Teapots
- Wine holders 

A significant spot in our offer also belongs to our collection of high quality decorative items that that can decorate your space or living area. In addition to unique ceramics, lamps, clocks and other items we also include wooden ‘natur’ products and furniture.

In order to help you achieve comfortable and sound sleep every night, La Casa Mia home equipment offers you the highest quality bed sheets that will delight you with its modern design and offer you something new in terms of materials. We offer you a huge selection of colors and patterns that will fit in with the interior of your bedroom.

The house of gifts “La Casa Mia” is a place of endless inspiration, when you need an original and interesting gift to delight your loved ones. In a beautiful and creative ambiance you can expect a big selection of gallery goods, as well as hand-made products that you can use to freshen up your living area. We can also create and decorate products per your request and ideas.

Whether it is a present for a birthday, wedding, marriage anniversary, moving in, slava-day, Valentine’s day or a business occasion, the house of gifts La Casa Mia is the right address for you. Thanks to a huge selection of gallery goods and handmade items, we are sure that we can get you the right gift to make anyone smile.

Our kind and professional staff will give you all the help you could need and practical advice for furnishing your home. We also offer you the possibility to package gifts you buy from us.

Working hours:
- Mon-Fri: 9AM – 9PM
- Sat: 9AM – 8PM
- Sun: 10AM – 6PM

La Casa Mia, 13 Glavna street, Zemun 



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LA CASA MIA Galleries Beograd
LA CASA MIA Galleries Beograd