Grill Belgrade

Address: 27 Partizanske avijacije st., Bezanija
Belgrade Phone: 064/16-06-379

4/ 5stars

We are located near the temple of St. Vasilije of Ostrog.
In our café you can order these barbecues on charcoal:
- Burger (200g) 150din
- Leskovac burger (220g) 170din
- gourmet burger (300g) 220din
- shumadinka burger (350g) 290din
- stuffed burger (350g) 230din
- sesame hamburger (230g) 170din
- uno burger (250g) 210din
- kebabs 5 pieces (200g) 150din
- Sausages (180g) 150din
- Leskovac fritter (350g) 230din
- Chicken Drumstick (200g) 220din
- white meat (200g) 220din
- drumstick, stuffed (250g) 260din
- stuffed white meat (250g) 280din
- Chicken Mix (300g) 250din
- white meat with sesame (230g) 260din
- sesame chicken drumsticks (230g) 240din
- white meat steak (200g) 240din
- stuffed with pork (250g) 280din
- smoked pork (160g) 270din
- rolled skewers (200g) 240din
- fried chicken (200g) 260din
- fried chicken sesame + (220g) 270din
- fried steak (200g) 260din
- French fries (200g) 70din

All of this can you can eat on the spot or have it packaged for take away. Orders can be made by phone: 064/16-06-379. Visit us and see the quality of our services. Only a satisfied customer is the best guest.