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Individual training

FIT ONE method is based on a unique combination of medical facts and modern methods of optimization of the human body. It is scientifically proven that FIT ONE method contributes to the improvement of will and psychological stabilization of character, which helps to total improvement of life quality. FIT ONE method unifies modern methods of body care with ancient techniques of breading and relaxation. THE RESULTS are measurable; they are based on visible and medical parameters. FIT ONE method unlike the others gives much faster and durable results in overweight problems. The most common users are: 1. People that wish to balance their metabolism and their body weight 2. Athletes that wish to rise and improve their physical fitness 3. People that give their best in life an din profession 4. People with higher awareness and culture of life that has as its priority health and psycho-physical fitness HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU NEED TO REALISE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FITNESS AND BEING FIT FIT ONE being fit is a way of life, a measure of values, life, health and beauty. All that improves life, health, and beauty is TO BE FIT. Fitness is useful because it turns our attention to how important physical activities are. THE FINAL GOAL: TO BE FIT 24 HOURS EVERY DAY IN YOUR LIFE Manual massage, as a part of this program as an addition to FIT ONE method is based on therapeutic, holistic, and cosmetology method. FIT ONE program achieves its efficiency and success thanks to the massage as a part of FITONE program during the process of weight reduction, while the body is being relieved from toxins and the skin gets its elasticity. TO BE FIT _ WAY OF LIFE – BETTER IN EVERYTHING By this expert programs of physical activities you reach not only the rejuvenation of your body outside but on the inside as well. The notion of BEING FIT includes: • Will (awareness) • Action and movement • Reaction, balance of need for food The advantage of FIT ONE method comes from FIT ONE philosophy TO BE FIT, to be in shape is in moving boundaries and obstacles that prevent one from using their mental and physical abilities. When a person reaches the success in FIT ONE program, we recommend to them to turn to their inner strength in other areas, that is in the world of industry of temporary and easy solutions still the most powerful one… Perfected and fulfilled with the right method, FIT ONE philosophy of BEING FIT does not end on a body as it does not begin from one. FIT ONE SINERGY: • BODY STATE TESTING • EXERCISE • NOURISHMENT • MASSAGE PROGRAMS 1. TESTING 2. INDIVIDUAL TRAININGS AND PROGRAMS • BODY WIGHT REDUCTION • EXPERT WORK WITH ATHLETES (PREPARATIONS, RECOVERY, REHABILITATION) • WORK WITH SMALLER GROUPS 2-3 3. POWER PLATE 4. MASSAGE