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Address: 117a Blagoja Parovića, Diplomatsko naselje, Banovo Brdo // 11a Milentija Popovica, Blok 19a, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/3544-301, 062/1095-830

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In 15 minutes to slim without cellulite. 15 min = 1.5h in the gym.
They are made exclusively individual training with the assistance of our instructors. Proeffect vibrating platform is suitable for practicing person of any age and physical fitness. Mechanical muscle stimulation was exposed body energy equal to the load of a few body weight. Every second muscles contract of 30, 50 times a second.
- TARGET fat burning - increased circulation in the abdomen and lower extremities - Successfully neutralizing cellulite and significantly improving skin tone - 2 up to 3 sessions of 30 minutes a week - lose up to 40CM TOTAL SCOPE (abdomen, glutes, legs) 2 OF READY MADE - Liposuction without a knife - WIN cellulite - fREE TRIAL TRAINING
FAST visible effects: - body shaping - weight reduction - cellulite reduction to 40% - Increase strength - improved coordination and mobility - Improved circulation - antistarenje - prevention of osteoporosis - Speed up the metabolism - the individual approach to each client - training lasts 60 minutes - we work 7 days a HYPOXI week - vacuum training, hit in the world, now and here. What is HYPOXI training? This training uses the characteristics of the vacuum body circulation and thus gets reinforced in places that have a lot of fat, that is. on the buttocks and thighs. Why HYPOXI can remove targeted fat? During normal training (Hometrainer, running ...) is being transported in the blood, muscles, in order to ensure her oxygen and nutrients. Oily layer on the buttocks and legs are less circulation. It can be felt and measured. When you put your hand after training in a specific place on the buttocks and thighs, you will feel that there is a much lower temperature than in the muscle. Hipoxy training in critical areas slightly increases the critical temperature. Increased blood flow and increased body temperature, thus melting the fatty deposits and cellulite.