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Address: 60 Zarkovacka st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 064/131-3655, 011/354-8686

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OUR CLUB - a club that has emerged as the idea that the users of our services, marketed primarily a healthy lifestyle, diet, and physical activity through properly and precisely planned exercise program for users of all ages, and under the expert supervision of licensed trainers - graduates professor of sport and physical education. Initial and periodic testing, individual approach, pleasant setting for exercise, modern devices and equipment, as well as many years of experience in fitness and working with children, are just some of the things that characterize our club.

The club is located in Petra Lekovića, near the elementary school Milos Crnjanski. The modernly equipped environment consists of a sale of 60mk for group and personal training, massage rooms, waiting rooms where with the latest magazines and drink can wait training, and two changing rooms with showers, hair dryers and all other equipment needed immediately to your stay at the club make a pleasant . A training area is equipped with cardio and fitness najkvlaitenijom equipment and all other props that help you get your training to be a dynamic and free from the monotonous repetition.


1st Water Training
Professional water trainings include work under professional supervision of trainers where each exercisers enable demonstration of exercises and correction during operation. Each student in agreement with the coach determines the purposes of training on the basis of which is made a detailed plan and exercise program. Training can be directed towards the reduction of body weight, increase strength and muscle mass, recreational training, etc. Before the start and during operation to take measurements and testing to keep the practitioner and coach had a clear view of the results achieved. Every three months practitioners receive a detailed report to work. Exercisers can come at any time without predhdnog announcing. Length of training is not time limited.
Each workout is divided into several stages: heating the free exercise, work on cardio machines, which sets the coach, in the main part of the training exercises are done according to individual curriculum, and in the final stage of basic stretching muscles.

2. Individual training
All people differ in body composition, lifestyle, and goals you want to achieve training. Therefore, an individual approach ie. personal training, most popular and most effective way to practice, in which the real results never absent. Personal training precedes the determination of body composition and testing of basic physical abilities, after which programming is carried out training on monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

3. The development of motor skills and corrective exercises for children
and plan and program of corrective exercises for children aged 5-16 years, primarily in terms of proper development and prevention of possible disorders postural status

4th Training for pregnant women and new mothers