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The goal of STIBO program is for children aged 4-12 to develop individual locomotive abilities to their maximum. At the same time the ladies can exercise in the Life fitness gym under expert personal trainer supervision. The very young children should partake in recreation in the forms appropriate for their age which is play. Our goal is to have children learn about sport through playing which they'll be able to use it after they complete our program. The four most important aspects of STIBO program for children and women are: - strength, - flexibility - endurance - mental health. All of these are neccesary for success in sports. By regular exercising you can achieve mental and physical health. If you add proper nourishment to that, you can achieve even better results. It is important to set mental and physical goals for the children to achieve their physical maximum. Sports and recreation HAVE to be fun. When the child is happy it will do better and give it their maximum. STIBO women's program, the intensive circular training means the combination of cardio training and strength training in the ideal amount for everyone, despite their initial physical shape. When compared with exercising in a classic gym this means of exercise burns more callories and maintains the heart rate throughotu the program.