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BRAZILIAN TREATMENT OF CORRECTION AND RECOVERY OF HAIR Keratin Brazilian keratin straightening is the safest and most effective way to reach your hair look healthy. This product was created in Brazil in 2000, vol. and as a proven safe product for all hair types, it found its way to markets in Europe and the United States. Brazilian hair straightening is the safest way to re-enrich damaged hair keratin, and restore shine and healthy look to your hair. After the hair enriched with keratin, hair is protected from drying out and pucanjai each application of chemical products then it is safe. Brazilian hair straightening is a temporary fix and lasts three to four months.

To keep the hair was healthy and looked healthy keratin it is necessary, keratin is a protein that also provides:

1. High Gloss
2. color stability
3. improve the structure
4. regeneration of already damaged hair

THE PERFECT TEN YEARS AT ANY TIME In just a few minutes you will have the perfect tan for about 7 days. The product is dermatologically tested, plant origin, with vitamin E, which gives your skin flawless tan without UV radiation is especially suitable for pregnant women or people with extra sensitive skin or if you have vitiligo. Preparations for self-at the same time and excellent protection from the sun! The advantage of this treatment is definitely what they can treat only a certain part of the body, if desired, for example, only the face, hands, feet, etc.. Any additional information is available by telephone 011/2-402-411 OR PERSONAL BEAUTY SALON COME TO ESPANA!

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