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For your perfect appearance and pleasure you have the cosmetic and hairstyling studio "Blue". In Ban's Hill at 24 Petra Martinovica street you will find an oasis of beauty both for men and for women. Unisex salon with its complex and pleasant ambiance and professional cosmetics used by educated staff will help you relax and enjoy yourself.

All kinds of cosmetics and hair styling services for the male and female population will make you feel satisfied, refreshed and radiant. You will enjoy your awakened beauty thanks to our hair styling services for the modern men and women using original products from the brand "Eugen Perma", "Schwarzkopf" and "Selective" and your expectations will be met. Glowingly beautiful hair is the imperative of today.

"Caballo original shampoo" is used to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss as well enhance growth and regeneration. You can purchase shampoo and hair conditioner Caballo at our salon or have your hair treated with it.

Here you can get all kinds of hairstyling services - male and female hair styling, hair dying, hair treatments, formal hair styling and other services.

Professional makeup for all occasions using the professional brands such as L'Oreal, Revlon, Max Factor , Farmasi. You can have facial treatment for beautiful and radiant skin, youthful appearance and degrading fat. The therapy consists of cocktails injected into the fat tissue. Upon treatment it is possible to lose 1.5-3kg of fat tissue or 8cm in girth. The method is completely painless with no side effects. Big promotional discounts of facial mesotherapy.

Enjoy the advantages of Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II: electricity + vibrational standing massage + dry sauna.

After 10 paid treatments you will get 2 for free!!!

After 5 paid treatments you will get 1 for free!!!

The anti-cellulite program involves injecting cocktails which contain product for lymphatic drainage and in depth regeneration of degenerative fat tissue (cellulite). We treat all manner and extent of cellulite. We offer depilation for men and women, cold Spanish waxing, fruit and chocolate waxing. Male and female hair removal from the entire body and face - pedicure - manicure - solarium.


BLUE STUDIO Hairdressers Beograd
BLUE STUDIO Hairdressers Beograd
BLUE STUDIO Hairdressers Beograd