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For your perfect appearance and pleasure there is our cosmetic-hairstyling salon “Blue studio”. You can find us at 61 Kraljice Katarine street in Banovo hill. We are an oasis of beauty for men and women. Our unisex salon is complex, ambience-rich and pleasant. With our professional cosmetics and educated staff, you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself at our salon.

* All kinds of cosmetic and hairstyling services intended for both men and women will make you feel more satisfied, fresh and radiant. Enjoy your awakened beauty. * Hairstyling services intended for modern women and men with original products by Eugen Perma, Schwarzkopf, Selective will fulfill all your expectations. Glowing and beautiful hair is the imperative of today. * Caballo shampoo original. For hair straightening, preventing hair loss, regenerating damaged hair and faster hair growth.

We offer all kinds of hairstyling services:
- Men and women’s hairstyling
- Hair dyeing
- Hair care treatments
- Formal hairstyles for all occasions.

* Professional makeup for all occasions, professional makeup L’Oreal, Revlon, Max Factor, Farmasi.
* Face treatment for glowing and beautiful skin, youthful appearance and beauty. Biological and chemical treatments by Shiseido and Cashmara.
* Mesiotherapy, local degradation of fat deposits and weight loss.

The cocktail of chemicals is injected into the fat tissues. The treatment eliminates between 1.5 to 3kg of fat tissue or 8cm depth. The method is completely pain free and doesn’t have any negative or side-effects.

Facial mesiotherapy big promotions.

50% off on body mesiotherapy

Enjoy the advantages of Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II treatment (galvanic electricity waves)

* Anticellulite treatment – injecting cocktails with lymphatic drainage ingredients that deeply regenerate the degenerated fat tissue (cellulite). We treat all forms and degrees.
- Waxing (men and women’s)
- Cold waxing using Spanish, fruit and chocolate waxes. Men and women’s waxing of the full body and face
- 20% off on men’s waxing every Tuesday
- Pedicure
- Manicure
- Tanning salon

* Maderotherapy is an interesting and a slightly unusual anti-cellulite treatment that originates from Colombia and is performed using specially anatomically crafted wooden elements, making this therapy 100% safe and natural for the skin. Unlike classic anti-cellulite massage, this type of therapy achieves the results much faster and more easily.

The method of maderotherapy, in addition to being very successful at removing cellulite and fat deposits, is also effective for:
- body volume reduction
- leg definition
- skin tightening
- thigh and leg toning
- reducing belly volume
- relaxing the mind and body
- eliminating toxins and excess water
- improving circulation
- improving the metabolism
- stimulating the lymphatic system
- balanced functioning of the immune system

In basic terms, maderotherapy is a stimulation of lymphatic drainage which is the first base step in the fight against persistent cellulite on the legs and hips. Wherever we stimulate the lymphatic drainage we get both the aesthetic effect and the full detox and relaxation of the entire organism.

When is maderotherapy recommended?
We recommend to all ladies who would like to lose cellulite and trust massages more than any other anti-cellulite techniques.

This treatment is recommended to men as well for all the other beneficial effect that this massage provides as well as to the elderly.

How many treatments are required and how long does a treatment last?
On average 10 treatments are usually needed and the first results are visible after 4-5th treatment. The treatment lasts up to 40min and can be done every day, even twice per day for achieving faster results.

Is the rolling-pin massage painful
In most cases there is absolutely no pain and the massage is very pleasant. In some individuals, however, depending on the amount of cellulite, it’s possible to experience a minimal amount of pain during the first several treatments.

In which cases is maderotherapy not recommended?
This massage is safe for everyone. It is only recommended that it isn’t done during the menstrual cycle and plans should be made when scheduling the treatments to space the 10 sessions between the two cycles.