Hairdressers Belgrade

Belgrade Phone: 064/140-3170, 011/283-2754

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The newly opened hair and beauty salon K & M 1 is located at Dr Velizara Kosanovića 39, within the municipality of Zemun.
On offer we give you the following services:

Services - Short hair - Medium hair -  Long hair

hair washing 150din 200din 250din
male haircut 220din
Male haircut + hair washing 350din
female haircut 300din 350din 400din
blow drying all lengths 250din 300din 350-450din
woman haircut + blow 500din 600din 700-900din
Hair dyeing (any length) 350din

(Deep cleaning + packaging) 1000din 1300din 1700din
coloring outgrowth 1000din 1200din 1500-1800din
perm 800-1500din
highlights 1000din 1500din 2000din
highlights in several colors 1500din 2000din 2500-3000din
hairstyles 1000-2000din
bleaching 1500din 2000din 2500-4000din
spilling 500din
keratin foam 100din

(Keratin) 400din
(Botox) 600din
Manicure 400din
Nail polish 150din
strengthening nails gel 1000din
chiropody 1200din
nail 1200din
Cold waxing legs 600din
depilation hand 400din
depilation groin 300din
UPPER LIP 150din
eyebrow correction 200din
facial 1300din

Working time:
- Tuesday- Thursday: 09-13h i 16-21h
- Friday- Sunday: 11-17h
- Monday non-working day.