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Address: 148 Dr Ivana Ribara st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 069/130-1907, 063/130-1907

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Hairstyling salon My Selection offers anybody complete hairstyling services and exclusive treatments for hair care and recovery with the use of the highest quality professional cosmetics. We are located in the blocks at 148 Ivana Ribara street in New Belgrade. Special attention in our work is given to hair care which is why we decided to use only the professional cosmetics that achieves max results and makes your hair healthy and beautiful.

In order for your hair to always be beautiful and cared for, My Selection hairstyling salon offers the following services:
- Hair cutting
- Blowdrying
- Highlights
- Olaplex
- All kinds of shading
- Hairstyling
- Formal hair
- Glamurous hair


You are looking at the innovative chemical product that multiplies bonds and connections in the broken binds of your hair. It is only one ingredient. It all began by finding the two leading global experts in the area of chemical materials that have not been used for hair care products before.

This technology is a huge advancement in the field of hair care and lets us more freely and without worry change the color and/or texture of the hair and give our clients better quality hair even if they often change hairstyles.

Dyeing hair using olaplex: the more stable the color is on the hair, the healthier the hair is. This is why adding olaplex lets the color last longer and the amount of pigmentation in your hair gives depth and glow. Hair dyeing with olaplex: dyeing hair blond and dyeing the gray hair is more aggressive than usual and tends to have weaker hair of poorer quality as result.

Olaplex highlights change this in favor of the client and the hairstylist. By adding olaplex in the lightener we neutralize a large part of the damages that would've occured while we don't lose the lightening effects. This means that the hair done in olaplex highlights by far more quality and long lasting.

Whether you'd like classic or fashionable hair style our team of hairstylists with years of experience will offer you imaginative and inventive hairstyles that are fully in accordance with the shape of your face and the properties of your hair. In addition to the basic service of hairstyling and blow drying we offer formal and glamurous hairstyles.

If you'd like to add some sunlight to your hair, our professional team recommends you the dyeing using high quality dyes as well as te newest technique of hair coloring. Our high quality dyes are the real revolution regarding hair dyieng.

Working hours:
- Mon - Fri: 9AM - 8AM
- Sat: 10AM - 5PM
- Sun: 11AM - 4PM

My selection hairstyling salon, 148 Ivana Ribara street, Belgrade.