Health counseling Belgrade

Address: 125/1 Ustanicka st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 064/8280-945, 064/8280-946

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Our area of expertise includes counseling on growth and personality development, counseling and therapy work, with the aim of educating people for independence and quality of life after the end of the therapeutic process.
Services we offer include:
- Psychotherapy and counseling individuals, working with couples and families (family therapy and systemic constructivist therapy)
- Psychological testing of personality (psychodiagnostic)
- Vocational orientation (final year students of primary and secondary schools)
- Assertiveness Training (working on self-esteem and improving the quality of interpersonal relations)
- Communication skills (nonviolent communication)
- The control and overcoming stress
- Development of the crisis of children and young people
- Bach's drops therapy with Bach flower essences (holistic approach to personality)
- Psychology in sport
- Psychological preparation of athletes (goal setting, structured interviews with individuals and teams, psychological testing of athletes, individual and team psychological consultation)
- Training of trainers (work from the coach-athlete and coach-parents)
- Mental training (motivation, attention, focus, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation)
- Children in sport (work on self-esteem, adaptation to the new environment, the support of parents in sports)
- Fear of success / failure
- The psychological approach to athletic injuries.