Healthy food Belgrade

Address: Block 63 st., Novi Beograd // 56 Mileve Maric Ajnstajn st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 064/117-0044 // 011/612-8972

4/ 5stars

Ice Fairytale and Sabago healthy food

We sell frozen food to measure at Ledena Bajka (Ice Fairytale)

FRUITS ( strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, plums, cherry...)
VEGETABLES (French fries, peas, cauliflower, broccolli, various mixes...)
FISH (saltwater, freshwater, seafood, fillet, fishsticks...)
BAKING GOODS (rolls, webs, pies, pastries, Greek pastries and much more)

Our Sabago store is located at 56 Mileve Maric Ajnstajn and offers a large selection of bulk goods to measure, various kinds of oil, healthy juice, spices, dried fruit and soya products.

ALso included in the Sabago products are our frozen products.

Working hours:
Mon-Sat: 7:30 - 8PM
Sun: 7:30 - 3PM