Home help, public health nursing Belgrade

Address: 5 Svetozara Papica st., Galenika
Belgrade Phone: 060/6400-976 (00-24h), 060/6400-971 (00-24h), 011/4090-976

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HELP FOR ALL Agency provides daily or occassional services of caring for the elderly or the disabled. All-inslcusive care for your loved one in your home.

Personal hygiene (feeding, changing, help with bathing, changing diapers)

-Night watches
-Bandaging and preventing decubitis
-Replacing and flushing urine catheters, replacing and maintaining cannula, maintaining colostomies, giving enemas, supervision and care in the post-operative period, twice a day care in the morning and in the evening, measuring blood pressure, measuring blood sugar, consulting with a general practice doctor.

All in the comfort of your home and performed by experienced nurses, caretakers and physical therapists.