Hostels Belgrade

Address: 4 Ljubomira Stojanovica st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 011/329-4542, 063/218-119

4/ 5stars

In the center of Belgrade in its old core which was named Professors' colony since the 30s, in Ljubomira Stojanovica street where many famous names of Serbian culture and academics resided, you will find the Depolo villa. Constructed in 1928, this beautiful building was completely renovated and turned into a modern hostel in January 2015, while a part of its huge courtyard was turned into a parking lot.

In a peaceful and hidden away street which is still located not 30m away from one of the main Belgrade traffic lines, the Despot Stefan boulevard, our hostel is located near Jevremovac botanical garden and Pionir sports hall. By location we belong to the closer city center and most of Belgrade's famous tourist locations are easily reachable from us either by light walk or excellent transportation lines. Thanks to the closeness of the boulevard we are well-connected to all parts of the city.

Hostel and apartments "Miss Depolo" are located in the villa which is part of the Depolo family heritage. The Depolo family have left a significant mark in the life of Belgrade as a city and so today as well our family feels the need and responsibility to continue down that road. Since our family has a tradition in hospitality, we feel that there is no better path than this. We offer beautiful and comfortable accomodation in our modernly equipped rooms and apartments at affordable prices and with the goal of making our guests feel at home. Every room is named after a dear family member of ours and our open-sky internet cafe located on the top of the building is sure to surprise you.

We always strive to offer all the neccessary help and support to our guests to ensure that their stay at our hostel and in our city is pleasant and memorable.