Interior decoration Belgrade

Address: 18-20 Obilicev venac st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 063/877-6570, 064/113-4878, 011/3286-876
E-mail: ajnates@gmail.com
Website: www.ajnates.com

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AJNATES has for over a decade been working in selling fabrics, curtains, drapes, covers, table cloths, pillows, haberdashery and other similar equipment. We have an experienced team of experts who will help you equip and beautify your home or working area.

 We are dedicated to securing the high quality materials and caring for our clients with the goal of beautifying their homes and working areas at the prices suitable for every pocket.

Luxury is available to everybody at AJNATES company.

We utilize highest quality materials for all our solutions in order to secure the desired results.

We work with the highest number of fabrics from various famous manufacturers and have a broad selection of catalogues and samples that can help you with your selection.