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Belgrade Phone: 011/3980-311, 064/8-999-465
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Each of your problems can be successfully solved and implemented in cooperation with us, so you should contact the right people to your problem becomes a part of the past .... If you are looking for quality contractors hydro-isolation works then you're in the right place, Drina is Your safe insulation! Drina is a shop which deals with only one area in civil engineering, such as hydro-isolation works - insulation. DRINA company was founded in 1995, after 30 years of professional work and practice in Belgrade Insulation companies.
For all time of the same have been noted in case of complaint facilities where we participated as contractors or sub contractors, which makes us one of the most successful among the firms that deal with this kind of construction works. Professional team of trained and skilled people guarantee quality during the performance hidroizolaterskih works, and professional tools of the renowned Swedish maker Sievert ensure efficiency during the installation of some of the material. For each job of making us povern insulation can provide all the equipment, professional tools, professional trained team of people. Service is realized by the system of turnkey .
An important feature of our offer is to work from contract through to completion of the work closes in one place and easy to control at all stages. Technical trained staff makes it possible to eliminate every type of water penetration and moisture in the building, presenting technical solutions to problems in charge of the work. We do all types of domestic and foreign manufacturers of branded materials and guarantee all our work we give the 1-10years.
Our reference list in abbreviated version looks like this and we are sure there is room for your company: -Swallow -The government of Serbia -utilities -City Housing -Coca-Cola -factory fodder 100% -factory fodder Pantelic -factory fodder food product -Clinical Center -Central Prison -Agency for bankruptcy and Bank Rehabilitation Factory-socks Loznica -Petrochemical Long- -Srbijanka Valjevo Avala-Ada SC-Vrbas Lada-South -Beobanka -Politics -Faculty of Agriculture -Customs Serbian Crnja Belgrade Penitentiary-Hospital -Winery Radmilovac
We can entrust your: roof (hair - straight), bathrooms, terraces, basements, swimming pools, canals, bridges, reservoirs ... If you want to be sure of our quality, please contact us and entrust us your problem with water penetration and moisture in the building, and we will, like any business to date, efficient and guaranteed to solve.