Italian cuisine Belgrade

Address: 86 Krunska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2455-625

4.5/ 5stars

Restaurant New York - New York is located on Vracar, at 86 Krunska st., one of the oldest and most beautiful streets of Belgrade. Restaurant has been there since 1991. A modern interior and high capacity. Modernly designed area is split on three levels and about 90 seats.
Area consists of a large winter garden, from which guests can enjoy the view of old Belgrade villa and beautiful avenue. Then, rooms with video beam, which allows guests to follow all the developments and events, and gallery that occupies the central part is you can see the whole neighborhood. In addition, there is a luxurious VIP lounge, which except for business lunches can be a place to organize promotions, video presentations and conferences, as well as smaller private parties and receptions. In the mentioned work, in addition to every table there is a connection for telephone and internet and thus every table can be a mini-press center.
The restaurant serves traditional Italian cuisine. The restaurant offers great pizza, gnocchi, lasagna, pastas and a large selection of salads, meat dishes and desserts, as well as lean and vegetarian dishes. Besides the classic alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages guests can enjoy high-quality foreign wines and cigars. Restaurant boasts quality cuisine, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and good service. This is corroborated by a number of our guests, including well-known names from the world of arts, sports, politics, etc ...