Jewelry Belgrade

Address: 25 Ruzveltova st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 063/802-3334, 011/275-4394
E-mail: burme.vuckovic@gmail.com
Website: www.burmevuckovic.com

4/ 5stars

In addition to a large selection of attractively designed wedding rings we also offer golden jewlery at affordable prices.

Our company offers the following services:
- Repairing watches and wall, floor, table and mantlepiece clocks.
- Replacing batteries, belts and metal bracelets of the finest quality
- Repairing gold and silver jewlery
- Replacing and purchasing silver and gold jewlery
- Piercing ears and nose
- Hand and machine engraving in jewlery, watches and objects
- Creating jewlery that matches a sample or an image
- Implanting precious and semi-precious stones

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