Jewelry Belgrade

Address: 2 Balkanska st., Terazije
Belgrade Phone: 011/2687-096

4/ 5stars

Action with family tradition founded in 1969.  It was founded by Alfonc B. Henrietta. We have always be proud of the quality and tradition of our craft. In our house you can get good quality jewelry (handmade and machine-made), good service and friendly staff and a special family home goldsmiths Simonida A. Henrietta. We are located in the Balkan Br. 2 in the center of town across from the Hotel Moskva. If you are more interested in what house-SZR Index Kujundzija Simonida A. Henrietta offers, come to us, we await you with great pleasure - We repair all kinds of gold and silver jewelry - We're making the gold jewelry of the adopted materials - We order jewelry on request of customers (catalog, drawing, painting, etc.) - We painless piercing - We do engraving (computer, hand, machine)