Jewelry Belgrade

Address: 1 Terazije st.(pasaz), Centar (Stari Grad)
Belgrade Phone: 011/3237-228, 063/7701-417

4/ 5stars

Jewelry "Oreol" is located in the city center in the passage across Albania Palace. We have a large selection of jewelry and models, all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones combined with white and yellow gold. We provide repair services, rodiniranja, gilding, engraving, handmade jewelry and jewelry appraisal at very reasonable prices.

Repairs and jewelry are implemented as soon as possible on the machines we have. Handmade jewelry and wedding rings are made according to your own ideas and samples.

Development and the static material. In our quality and affordable price can be assured. All kinds of jewelry making and repair from the owner of jewelry shop halo, a mechanical engineer.

Our office hours are weekdays from 10-19h and Saturday from 10-15h.

Scales 1, Passage
Phone: 011/3194583, 063/7701417